The Gift

2010 April 2
by Shari

As I write my first post on Good Friday, I can’t help but think it’s a good time to thank God for all the gifts He’s given us. I’ll admit I’m kind of pathetic in this department. Oh, I thank Him for my family, my friends, and my health—that sort of thing. It’s easy to thank God for the things that are going well in my life.

But when I’m frustrated about something or not getting what I want, I get kind of pouty and ask God to fix it. Like several years ago when my writing career wasn’t at the stage I hoped it would be at this point of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to write books when I grew up, but I also knew it was simply a dream. When I was young, I thought the dream would die as I grew older, but it never did.

Oh, there were times when the dream smoldered and it was nothing more than a flicker in my heart. But the dream always had a way of flaring back up, making a nuisance of itself as I tried to get on with life.

During one especially frustrating period, I got fed up with this dream of mine. Though I was selling short pieces somewhat regularly, I found it hard to justify all the time I spent on writing. I had tried to quit writing many times, but to no avail. This time, I asked God for help. Again I tried and tried, but could go no longer than two weeks without writing.

Wondering why God wasn’t honoring this small request, I changed my prayer. “Please God, take away my desire to write. I don’t want it.”

Once again I waited for an answer, but I was still consumed with a passion to write. I became even more frustrated. Finally, one day I realized the truth and heard the message He had been trying to tell me.

God had given me a gift—a gift I had told Him I didn’t want. Feeling terribly ashamed and selfish, I accepted the fact that He had made me a writer and He would “let things happen” when the time was right. As a thank you to Him, I made a vow to glorify His name in my writing.

If there’s one thing I can impress upon you, it’s to never be afraid to go after the dreams of your heart. After all, it might just be a gift from God.