About Me

When I was a little girl, I had a well-guarded secret, a secret only God knew.  I dreamed of writing a book
someday. From my perch in a tiny treehouse in the backyard on my parents' farm, I devoured the Little
House books and the adventures of Nancy Drew. To pass the hot summer days, I scribbled stories and hid
them under my bed.

As I grew older, my desire to write never wavered. Yet, I didn't take my dreams seriously. It was, after
all, just a dream--an unachievable dream. For years, I never acknowledged my passion. Writers were pretty
much non-existent in my little corner of Iowa. I had never once met a person who wrote for a living, nor
did I know anyone who knew a writer. I thought only "special" people wrote books--those by the names of
Laura Ingalls Wilder or Carolyn Keene.

For years I tucked my dream away but never forgot it. After I married, God blessed my husband and  I
with a son and daughter. As a stay-at-home mom, the dream once again worked its way to the surface. I
finally acknowledged my passion for writing and took two correspondence courses through the Institute of
Children's Literature.

Though I began to sell my articles and stories, I quickly learned that accumulating rejection slips was my
ultimate specialty. Growing up on a farm taught me the value of perseverance and determination, however.
Or, maybe I'm just stubborn, but I simply could not quit writing (though I threatened many times). Though
my list of writing credits grew,  I turned to God, asking him for guidance in my writing endeavors. Then,
one day several years ago, He gave me my big break when I was offered a contract with "Davey and
Goliath's Devotions" to write their fall 2005 quarterly issue.

Since then, I have published three books with David C. Cook and will soon have four books released in the
Camp Club Girls mystery series for middle grade girls
from Barbour Publishing.

God called me to the highest honor of all when He chose me to be a wife and mother. But He also called me
to spread His word through writing.  Writing is more than a passion to me now. My dream has grown into a
mission, for it is through writing I can fully be the person God meant me to be.
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