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    McKenzie's Montana Mystery is my first book in the Camp Club Girls
    series for 8-12 year old girls, published by Barbour Publishing. My
    four books in the 24-book series revolve around the character
    McKenzie, a witty, fun-loving girl who loves adventure and
    excitement. Hopefully, young readers will have as much fun reading
    them as I did writing them.
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    Follow McKenzie's adventures in McKenzie's Oregon Operation and
    McKenzie's Branson Brainteaser.
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Memory Maker Bible Crafts for 2nd and 3rd Grades is part of the
Bible FUNStuff series, published by David C. Cook. If you're as
anxious as I was to see my name in print, check out the fine print
on the copyright page. Though the book correlates with Cook's
Sunday school curriculum, it is also a stand alone title suitable
for parents who want easy Bible crafts for their kids to make at

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The One-Year Book of Devotions for Kids, Vol. 3, includes
two of my first devotions which were originally printed in the
Keys for Kids.

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