Welcome to my website! I'm so glad you could visit.

As an author who writes from my family's farm in
southwest Iowa, I invite you to kick off your shoes, grab a
cup of hot cider, and stay for awhile.  Or, depending on the
season,  we could hike to the pond and sit on the dock where
the above picture was taken. I can almost guarantee we'll
see all sorts of wildlife, especially frogs, geese, and deer.

Living in the country provides inspiration for much of my
writing. Since I'm 100% country girl, I've included photos
of the awesome beauty in and around our farm, taken by my

Feel free to browse my website and check out my books and
blog. If you're desperate for reading material or just want
to know a little more about me and why I write, check out
the "About Me" page.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.


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